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May Day Tribute to Clara Fraser: Synthesizer of Marxism and feminism

“What better fate can a person carve out than participation in the emancipation of humanity?” Clara Fraser posed this question and answered it by living bravely, with commitment, relish and inimitable style. Fifteen years after her death, Fraser’s life still inspires. And her groundbreaking synthesis of socialism and feminism can be clearly seen as a breakthrough contribution to Marxist thought. 
Fraser always insisted that she had not discovered socialist feminism. It’s true that all the great Marxists advocated women’s liberation. But it was Fraser who showed just how essential the dynamics of sex and race are to the fight for change in the current era. 
The Permanent Revolution meets feminism. Beginning more than a century ago, socialists including Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, V.I. Lenin, Clara Zetkin, and Leon Trotsky showed that women’s emancipation was crucial to the struggle for socialism. 
Still, many leftists regarded the “Woman Question” as divisive and secondary. Female le…

Protest Against the Rape of Five Year Old in Delhi

April 20, 2013

AIPWA and AISA Protest Against the Rape and Brutalising of Five Year Old and the Police Attempt to Hush Up the Case Demanding the Resignation of Delhi Police Commissioner, Dismissal and Punishment for Police Officers for Dereliction of Duty and Slapping a Woman Protestor

Cabinet's Anti rape Bill - Correcting the Misinformation

हिन्दी अनुवाद नीचे है। 
Much of the media is running a deliberate misinformation campaign against the new anti-rape Bill, and the openly anti-women organisations are the fountainhead of this campaign. Here is a quick guide to navigate the perplexed through the smokescreen of 'debates' on TV! 

Age of consent has NOT been 'lowered' suddenly from 18 to 16. Age of consent in India, since 1983, has BEEN 16 years. It was raised to 18 four months back by the Prevention of Child Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), and a month back by the ordinance. Remember, the Bekhauf Azadi campaignopposed the move to raise it to 18 - and the Govt has now seen sense and agreed to keep it at 16. 

Age of consent at 16 does not mean 'licence' or 'encouragement' for teen sex.

The debate is not 'is teen sex good or not' but, 'is consensual sex between teens to be defined asRAPE or not.' Because what is being drafted is a CRIMINAL law, not a moral o…

photo diary

वर्मा कमेटी सरकार के गले की हड्डी बन गई है।लोग सड़क पर हैं। बिल को तकनीकी पेंच में फँसाने की कोशिशें, डर है कि कहीं देश भर की महिलाएं बार -बार सड़कों पर आना आदत न बना लें ।
   देश भर में 8 मार्च,अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस को एपवा के प्रदर्शन की कुछ तस्वीरें -                                                 पटना




अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस की रिपोर्ट

रांची में मनाया गया अंतरराष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस 
समानता और बेख़ौफ़ आज़ादी के नारों के साथ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस की 103वीं वर्षगांठ पर दुनिया की तमाम संघर्षषील और आंदोलनकारी महिलाओं की शहादत को याद करते हुए रांची में ऐपवा ने रैली निकाली और सभा का आयोजन किया। रैली पार्टी कार्यालय से होते हुए एलबर्ट एक्का चैक तक पहुंची जहां वह सभा में तब्दील हो गई। ‘हमें चाहिए बेखौफ आजादी‘ ‘वर्मा आयोग की सिफारिशो को ईमानदारी से लागू करो' ‘मजदूर और घरेलू कामगारिनों की सम्मान और उचित पारिश्रमिक की गारंटी करो' ‘झारखंड में महिला नीति अविलंब बनाओ‘ ‘महिलाओं की सुरक्षा की गारंटी करनी होगी‘ ‘ बलात्कार और तेजाब हमले के खिलाफ कड़ा कानून बनाओ‘ आदि नारों और मांगो के साथ जहां रैली निकाली गई वहीं नारीवादी गीत ‘दुनिया के नक्शे पर चमका है नया सितारा, आधी जमीं हमारी आधा आसमां हमारा‘ के साथ ही सभा की शुरूआत की गई। ऐपवा राज्य सचिव सुनीता, राज्याध्यक्ष गुनी उरांव, रांची जिला सह अध्यक्ष शांति सेन, जसम झारखंड संयोजक अनिल अंशुमन ने सभा को संबोधित किया। सभा का संचालन ऐपवा रांची जिला सचिव सरोजिनी बिष्ट ने किया। जसम प्रे…

Inadequate Budgetary Provisions for Women

Press Release
Women’s Safety and Welfare Need Adequate Budgetary Allocations,
Not Hollow and Cynical Gestures
The Govt Takes Nirbhaya’s Name, Why Hasn’t It Provided Budgetary Backing for the Rehabilitation and Medical Care of All Rape and Acid Attack Survivors?  New Delhi, February 28, 2013
The Finance Minister’s Budget speech made several references to women. But since these have not been backed by sufficient allocations in the required areas, these references appear to be mere token and hollow gestures. 
The ‘Nirbhaya fund’ is the most glaring instance of this. In the case of Nirbhaya (the Delhi gang-rape braveheart), the Government had responded to the public outcry by taking over all the medical costs of Nirbhaya. The Congress party leaders had even offered a flat to her family members. The Budget was the Government’s chance to show that these were not mere ‘charity’ gestures in one single case. In fact, the Government ought to show that it owns responsibility for the safety of all …

People's Watch Over Parliament

Feb 21, 2012 
Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
NO to Government’s Eyewash Ordinance!
Parliament Must Enact a Law Against Rape and Sexual Violence Based on Justice Verma Recommendations! Budgetary Allocations for Rape Crisis Centres, Rehabilitation and Compensation for Survivors of Rape and Acid Attacks!

Walk - A Solo Performance by Maya Krishna Rao in Response to Delhi Gangrape

Maya Krishna Rao, a well-known actor, dancer, director, and teacher, performing Walk in response to Delhi Gangrape during People's Watch Over Parliament in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on Feb 21, 2012

People's Watch Over Parliament

Photo Diary

Demanding Implementation of Justice Verma Recommendations in the Budget Session
On Feb 21, 2013 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Are Our Lawmakers Ready to Listen to the Voice of the Movement Against Sexual Violence?

Demands Raised in the People’s Watch Over Parliament Today, February 21, 1st Day of the Budget Session, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 
NO to Government’s Eyewash Ordinance! 
Parliament Must Enact a Law Against Rape and Sexual Violence 
Based on Justice Verma Recommendations! 
Budgetary allocations for rape crisis centres, rehabilitation and compensation for survivors of rape and acid attacks 
We want to tell the MPs – our eyes are on you. We are watching to see if you do justice to women. We are watching to see if you implement the Justice Verma recommendations. 
1) We want rape-accused MPs, starting with Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha PJ Kurien to resign from Parliament. We have had enough of MPs remarks branding women as ‘dented and painted’ and branding rape survivors as ‘child prostitutes’ or as ‘zinda laash.’ We say to them: please stop worrying about women’s morality, and ‘honour’ – and enact an anti-rape law that respects women’s autonomy and rights; that gets rid of protective…

Demand Justice in the Suryanelli Rape Case

Anti-rape protesters have been outraged by the fact that the new rape law will be discussed in Parliament, with a rape-accused presiding over the discussions! The Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha, PJ Kurien, is accused in the Suryanelli rape case: a case of gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Kerala, 17 years ago.
The 16-year-old girl in Kerala’s remote Idukki district, was defrauded by a man whom she had befriended, was drugged, beaten and taken to places across the Tamil Nadu and Kerala countryside, where she was raped by around 40 men. Eventually she was put on a bus back home, after which she filed a complaint of rape. 40 persons were named as accused in the main petition, by the State Government. The rape survivor later saw Kurien’s photograph in a newspaper and recognized him to be one of the rapists, and filed a private petition against him to the court, when the police refused to register her complaint against him.
Kurien had tried to appeal against his being named as an accus…

Join Us at Jantar Mantar on Feb 21, the 1st Day of Budget Session, for People's Watch Over Parliament !


People's Watch Over Parliament

Kavita Krishnan, National Secretary of AIPWA, Campaigning for People's March Over Parliament on February 21 from Jantar Mantar Demanding Enactment of a Law on Sexual Violence Based on Justice Verma Committee Recommendations as the Parliament Gears to Discuss Ordinance....

Protest Against French President Demanding Justice in Suja Jones' Case and to Quit Negotiating Nuke plant in Jaitapur!

Photo Diary

AIPWA and AISA held a protest demonstration in Jantar Mantar on February 14 in support of Suja Jones Mazurier's struggle for justice for her baby daughter, who was raped by her own father French Diplomat Pascal Mazurier. The protestors raised slogans against the French Government for protecting Pascal Mazurier. They also demanded Hollande to quit negotiating the French nuke plant at Jaitapur!

Will Be Updated Further.....

Why inclusion of marital rape in the ordinance is necessary

By Kavita Krishnan

The ordinance, in its present form, justifies and legalises marital rape. Even if a wife separates legally from her husband, the husband will get a lenient (two year) punishment if he rapes her! Justice Verma's report had said that any sexual contact that is against a woman's consent is sexual violence regardless of the relationship of the accused to the woman - even if he is a boyfriend or husband. A wife is not the property of her husband, she still has the right to say 'no' to sexual contact with him. In case the accused is in a relationship (or had a past relationship) with the complainant, it cannot be assumed/presumed that the latter has 'consented' to sexual contact.

If marital rape is recognised legally, will it result in false cases? Well, we can look at the experience of domestic violence. We have all seen how, even when wives face severe battering, sometimes of a life-threatening kind, they are reluctant (for social and economic rea…

Comparison of the JVC Recommendations With the UPA Govt’s Ordinance

AISA and AIPWA organized a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar on Feb 4, and also at Shastri Bhawan where Finance Minister Chidambaram and Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari were holding a press conference on the issue, under the banner of ‘Bekhauf Azadi’ along with representatives of AIDWA. The protest unequivocally condemned the government ordinance amending laws related to sexual violence
Comparison of the JVC Recommendations With the UPA Govt’s Ordinance

the JVC Recommendations UPA Govt’s Ordinance 1 For the first time in India, spelt out a constitutional Bill of Rights for women, and the means to ensure those fundamental rights to equality, freedom, and autonomy
Ignores the Bill of Rights  2 Recognised that sexual violence is not an act of sex or lust: it is an act of patriarchal power. Therefore, to reduce sexual violence, we must safeguard women’s freedom and rights; and to ensure that perpetrators are punished, we must undo the impunity and protection for such offences that is bui…